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of us are expected to need Long Term Care in our lifetimes.

If you don't want to burden your family with this care, investigate options with us.

You have two options for long term care...

Use up all your savings or long term care insurance.

Don't go broke, investigate options with us

Stay in your home, not a nursing home.

Learn how a Long Term Care strategy can be the difference between being on Medicaid in a nursing home versus top quality care at home. Investigate options with us.

When A Loved One Needs Care

Sometimes you know the time is approaching, and other times the hospital calls and says discharge is tomorrow and they cannot return home by themselves. Scary business. No matter how much time you have to prepare and choose a provider for home care or facility care, it is going to be expensive.  Most people run…

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Are You Wondering About Your Current Long-Term Care Insurance Policy?

What exactly does it cover?  Is the benefit still the same or has it grown to keep up with increasing costs?  Does it cover home care, or assisted living, or nursing homes, or all three?  Did the price increase?  Can I lower or shorten my benefits?  Which is better? At we get these questions…

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I Don’t Need Long-Term Care Insurance

I have retirement income of $5000/month, my house is paid for, no loans due, and I have $600,000 in savings earning 5% interest (you wish).  I don’t need any Long-Term Care (LTC) insurance!   Let’s assume you are correct.  And let’s assume that one of you has a stroke or dementia that requires care in…

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Learn How to Protect Your Money with An Irrevocable Funeral Trust!

You May Not Need As Much As You Think

There are strategies to help people planning in advance while still healthy. Strategies for those not healthy enough to qualify for Long-Term Care insurance, and even strategies for those already in care or in a facility, making money last longer, or protecting some of their funds for their final expenses. All done without making you go broke. Protect your hard-earned money!

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