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of us are expected to need Long Term Care in our lifetimes.

If you don't want to burden your family with this care, investigate options with us.

You have two options for long term care...

Use up all your savings or long term care insurance.

Don't go broke, investigate options with us

Stay in your home, not a nursing home.

Learn how a Long Term Care strategy can be the difference between being on Medicaid in a nursing home versus top quality care at home. Investigate options with us.

Wisconsin Faces Critical Shortage of Care Workers for Disabled & Elderly

MADISON – Jessica Nell relies on a stranger to help her get in and out of bed every day.  If no one shows up to help her, the 29-year-old Green Bay resident is left immobile — potentially for hours.  Nell, who has cerebral palsy and uses a motorized wheelchair, is one of thousands of Wisconsin residents who need…

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Don’t Ignore This Serious Retirement Threat

Quote: “Many older Americans have their heads in the sand regarding the potential threat posed by long-term care. They think somebody else will pay for it, but that’s usually not the case. Unfortunately, Medicare, Medicaid and medical insurance policies don’t cover most long-term care costs, and most people end up paying for care out of…

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Who Will Accept You For Care When You Need It?

Westchester Plaza, the largest assisted living facility in Texas that will accept Medicaid residents is closing their doors.  The problem is that Medicaid pays less than the cost to care for you.  If too many of the residents end up on Medicaid, they cannot afford to keep the doors open. Many people here in Wisconsin…

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Learn How to Protect Your Money with An Irrevocable Funeral Trust!

You May Not Need As Much As You Think

There are strategies to help people planning in advance while still healthy. Strategies for those not healthy enough to qualify for Long-Term Care insurance, and even strategies for those already in care or in a facility, making money last longer, or protecting some of their funds for their final expenses. All done without making you go broke. Protect your hard-earned money!

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