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Home Care After 70

70 Percent

of us are expected to need Long Term Care in our lifetimes.

If you don't want to burden your family with this care, investigate options with us.

Broke without Long Term Care Insurance

You have two options for long term care...

Use up all your savings or long term care insurance.

Don't go broke, investigate options with us

Shopping For Elderly Neighbour

Stay in your home, not a nursing home.

Learn how a Long Term Care strategy can be the difference between being on Medicaid in a nursing home versus top quality care at home. Investigate options with us.

Proper financial planning can ease the emotional toll

Planning Smart for Your Clients’ Senior Caregiving Duties

“Planning Smart for Your Clients’ Senior Caregiving Duties,” by Brian O’Connell, InsuranceNewsNet Quote: “Investment advisors who really want to help clients maintain a healthy cash flow plan need to address a burgeoning issue – the financial burden of caregiving for seniors. ‘While some may make a living caring for others, millions of caregivers nationwide provide…

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When Someone You Know Needs Help and Care

When Someone You Know Needs Help and Care

It happens to many of us as we age, there comes a time when we need help with day to day living activities.  Often it is help with shopping or tasks around the house. Hopefully our children live nearby and have the time to come help out.  But what if the help needed conflicts with…

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A Different Need for Long Term Care Insurance

A Different Need for Long Term Care Insurance

People used to purchase this insurance to prevent them from spending all their hard earned nest egg paying for Long Term Care (LTC).  That is still a reason but there is a much more urgent reason to have this insurance when it comes to Medicaid. When your assets have all been drained paying for care,…

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LTCi helps keep you from going broke

LTC Insurance Only Does 2 Things (OK, Maybe 3)

Long Term Care (LTC) Insurance can’t prevent the need for care, but it’s a big help dealing with it! The first thing Long Term Care Insurance does is prevent you from going broke.  LTC is very expensive.  A nursing home is well over $100,000 a year.  Forget the Money Magazine charts and surveys of “median”…

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5 Tips to Make Long Term Care Insurance Cost Less

5 Tips to Make Long Term Care Insurance Cost Less

To determine a price we need to first determine how much, or rather how little of it you need.  We have been doing nothing but LTC planning now for 25 years and we’re happy to share with you 5 tips that will help you make Long Term Care Insurance cost less! Here are 5 Tips…

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What is wrong with Medicaid

What is wrong with Medicaid?

Why is Medicaid a terrible thing if you need long-term care? Long-term care used to be a simple thing.  We got older and needed some help, our children took care of us.  Remember Ozzie and Harriet?  She had the time and the space to have parents move in.  She was a homemaker in dress and…

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Learn How to Protect Your Money with An Irrevocable Funeral Trust!

You May Not Need As Much As You Think

There are strategies to help people planning in advance while still healthy. Strategies for those not healthy enough to qualify for Long-Term Care insurance, and even strategies for those already in care or in a facility, making money last longer, or protecting some of their funds for their final expenses. All done without making you go broke. Protect your hard-earned money!

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