You Still Can Help Your Client Once They Are Already IN the Nursing Home!

I met a couple this weekend at a farmer’s market who purchased LTCi from me years ago.  They thanked me and hoped they never have to use it.  They also told me of a friend who is now in a nursing home and I explained that I can often still protect some of their money once they are already in a care setting and spending down to Medicaid.
The client’s were amazed that I can still help once someone is already in a nursing home or other care setting.  They thought that once there it was too late to help.  Incorrect!
Even during the spend down, a person can set up irrevocable burial trusts for themselves as well as children, children’s spouses, siblings and even parents.  This way a significant amount of money can be moved to loved ones versus spent at the nursing home.  If you know of someone in this predicament, call me and let’s protect some of that money!
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