Family History Starting To Count in LTC Insurance Qualifying

For years I’ve been asked if a person’s family history has any effect on their being able to obtain Long Term Care insurance.  Up until now my answer was “not yet”!

However, the answer is changing to yes.  One insurer has asked about family history but it was not a deciding factor.  Now another LTC insurer will not allow the best classification for health if a parent was diagnosed with coronary artery disease prior to age 60.  Likewise if a parent was diagnosed with dementia prior to age 70.  If both parents were diagnosed with dementia prior to age 70 then two classes down from the best rating is the best they can qualify for.

They claim that research has shown individuals with a family history of early onset dementia or coronary artery disease are at increased risk for those disorders.  So far, the health of siblings will not count against applicants.

LTC insurance is steadily becoming more difficult to qualify for.  Thus it may be well advised to consider it in your 40’s instead of waiting until age 55 or 60.  I still get approvals for people in their 70’s, but they best be in VERY good health to qualify, and it is more expensive.

I have focused a significant portion of my career to helping people who have been declined to find coverage.  In most cases the coverage will be far more limited, and more expensive, but still better than spending down to Medicaid impoverishment if that can be avoided.

So, when should you first start investigating LTC insurance?  When your health is still good, sooner if parents have chronic conditions, and at the point where the premiums are affordable without sacrificing.

Most people find they do not need as much coverage as they might initially think.  If this is approached appropriately, and income that might not be used for fun things is considered, as well as income from savings, only a small policy may be needed.  This is where the knowledge of the agent assisting becomes paramount.  For more information visit

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