Are You Wondering About Your Current Long-Term Care Insurance Policy?

Are You Wondering About Your Current Long-Term Care Insurance Policy?

What exactly does my Long-Term Care insurance policy cover?

Is the benefit still the same or has it grown to keep up with increasing costs?  Does it cover home care, or assisted living, or nursing homes, or all three?  Did the price increase?  Can I lower or shorten my benefits?  Which is better?

At we get these questions quite often.  It does not matter when or from whom you purchased your policy, we have probably seen ones just like yours, and are happy to review it with you.  We’ve been doing this for 24 years.

If you have had a price increase we can review and see if the benefit might be more than you need and how best to reduce it (and the price).  If you are not sure what it covers and how the benefits dovetail with your current income and assets, we will be happy to review and explain.

If you have inherited money, or your investments have done quite well and now the yield (interest) they earn is substantially more than planned on years ago, perhaps you do not need as large a benefit from insurance.  Or if your fortunes have gone the other way, we can offer suggestions to make the benefits last longer.

We have ways to help people of any economic situation, from poor as a church mouse, to very wealthy, from very healthy to people already in care and sometimes even already on Medicaid.  There are different strategies for everyone.

If you have been declined for long-term care insurance in the past, it does not mean you cannot get it.  It only means the agent did not have enough options for you.  If you are truly unable to get this coverage, it is still possible to protect some of your money from the costs of long-term care.  We do all of this.

Give us a call at (920) 884-3030, we are here to help.

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