Do You Have Questions On How to Deal With Long-Term Care?

Do You Have Questions On How to Deal With Long-Term Care?

Many people do. Why can’t Grandpa give us the farm?  Can Grandma keep her life insurance?  Doesn’t Medicare pay for the first 90 days in a nursing home?  Can I give my care to my grandchild?  Can my parents pay me to care for them?  If I care for my parents, must I pay income taxes on what they pay me?

Some of them may be specific to your situation.  Ask away and I will answer them, in a generic way with no personal information shared.  You know there will be someone with nearly the identical question.

People do not know where to turn for Long-Term Care answers.

Lawyers charge for their time.  The ADRC has some help but they do not know all the ways to finance long-term care.  Financing long-term care is all we do and have done for the past 24 years.  We advise insurance agents, financial planners, attorneys, and answer consumer’s questions and offer suggestions at family meetings regularly.

We’ve probably heard your question or one similar before.  So please Contact Us and watch for answers in future blog posts.  Perhaps I will become the Ann Landers of long-term care.  If you have an immediate need for answers, call us at (920) 884-3030.

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