Inexpensive Insurance That Pays For Care in Your Own Home

Inexpensive Insurance That Pays For Care in Your Own Home.

Inexpensive Insurance That Pays For Care in Your Own Home.

Home care insurance that almost anyone can get. You’ve surely heard how expensive and difficult to get long-term care insurance can be.

Now we have something new.

It pays for care in your own home (where you want to be anyway).  It has only one health question – if your family were to all go on a one month vacation and left you alone at home, could you manage on your own for this time?

If your answer is yes, then you can get this coverage for home care.

If you are already receiving home care it is too late.  If you wait, and your health changes, you waited too long.  Besides, each year you have this before care is needed, the price drops 10% per year for a total of 40% discount.

So, if you need kidney dialysis but can function on your own, you are eligible.

If you have arthritis, disabling or not, but can function on your own, you can get this.

If you have cancer, Parkinson’s, the start of Alzheimer’s, had a stroke or several strokes, need joints replaced, walk with a cane or walker, Have diabetes, even if you’ve had amputations, you are too short (for your weight), have macular degeneration, emphysema, fibromyalgia, or have had organs replaced, if you can function on your own yet, you can get this.

You choose the amount of hours per year of care you want.  You pay an annual premium (that gets cheaper each year before you need care). When care is needed this will pay for either a home care agency to come in and provide care, or it will pay a friend or neighbor. 

If you use up the hours per year that you chose, you simply go without benefits for 90 days and you can renew this coverage up to 10 times!

This is brand new.  You know you want to have care at home, in your own house, and possibly by someone you know and trust.  This will not pay a family member, but it will pay for care from a friend or neighbor.

For more information contact at (920) 884-3030

Don’t wait until it is too late, because once that care is needed it is too late for this.

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