LTC Insurance for People Who Were Told They Cannot Get it

LTC Insurance for People Who Were Told They Cannot Get it

If you were turned down for LTC insurance, it does not always mean that you can’t get it!

If you went to your car insurance agent or your life insurance agent, and tried to get LTC insurance and were turned down, it does not mean you can’t get it.  It simply means your agent did not have the tools available to find you coverage.

If you were declined due to some medical reason, you should know there are two different types of LTC insurance only for people ALREADY in a nursing home or assisted living facility.

If you were turned down or are afraid to apply because you have Parkinson’s, had a stroke, use oxygen, are overweight (we call this too short), Osteoporosis, use kidney dialysis, diabetes, or a host of other medical ailments, you need to contact at (920) 884-3030.

We offer coverage for those and other conditions.  Coverage at home, coverage in facilities, or if all fails and Medicaid is looming soon, a way to protect some of your assets at the last minute from the Medicaid spend down.

Would you rather leave your money to a LTC facility or your family?  We can give you that choice.  LTC planning is all we’ve done for 25 years now and we have options your life insurance agent or financial planner has never even heard of.

Many of them send their clients to us already as we solve those problem which can bankrupt most people.  So don’t wait until it’s too late and all of your money is gone!  If the gallon of milk overturns at the dinner table, do you sit and watch it all run out onto the floor?  No, you pick it up and save what is left.  We do that!  Call us at (929) 884-3030 and let us help you with a plan to cover LTC or protect some of the nest egg for family.  It’s what we do.

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