You’ve planned ahead–or have you?

So, you’ve given the house (or farm or some other assets) to the children long ago so the government will pay for your long-term care, and you’re feeling proud of yourself for having planned ahead.   But, I have some bad news for you—did you know that almost no assisted living facilities will accept you if you are on Medicaid?  Medicaid payments to facilities don’t cover the cost of providing care, so most assisted living facilities don’t accept Medicaid.  You could go into a nursing home because they’re required to accept Medicaid (since they receive Medicare payments for some services) –but you probably don’t want to go to a nursing home.  Ok, you think– you can move in with your kids.  They have room between classroom space for their kids learning from home, and all the time between their own Zoom meetings to care for you, and don’t mind adding your care to their day. Doesn’t sound likely, does it?

Have you planned ahead for assisted living facilities refusing to accept Medicaid?

This article tells the all too common story of a nursing home being  converted to an assisted living facility – the kind of place you won’t be able to go to if your care is being paid for by Medicaid. Nursing homes across the country have been closing.  When you need care, if you aren’t able to pay for it and only a nursing home will accept you, your helpers (family or paid) may have to look far and wide to find a place that will accept another patient paying for their care with Medicaid.

People who planned ahead can avoid a nursing home!

Being very wealthy, or having insurance to pay for your long-term care allows you to choose in-home care through an agency or the nicest assisted living facility in town—and you aren’t being a burden on your family.  In most cases, I counsel my clients to plan to cover the cost of home care or assisted living, as the great majority of care can be handled there and not a nursing home.   Through this, my clients get appropriate coverage that costs less.   Contact me today for a free, no obligation discussion of what makes sense for you.

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