How was your Easter?

How Was Your Easter?

How Was Your Easter? How were the seniors in your family doing?

It may have been as long as a year or more since family members were with the seniors in their lives.  Now that some families are cautiously getting together again, Easter might have been one of first times they have been together in person.

How were the seniors in your family doing? Have things changed since the last time you saw them in person?  Did what was supposed to be a joyous occasion leave you feeling concerned? For example, have you noticed that some things they used to do have been neglected, like cleaning or cooking?  Maybe self-care has slipped?  Are there some memory lapses that are more pronounced now than before?  The need for long term care often sneaks up on us until it can’t be ignored any longer.

After seeing loved ones this Easter, you may start to worry about the cost of Long Term Care?

You may start to worry that, because long term care is expensive, paying the care facility bankrupt Mom or Dad.  Will they quickly spend down their assets to impoverishment in order to qualify for Medicaid?

There are a number of solutions that can help.  To find out if any of them will help in your situation, contact and schedule a meeting to investigate.

Help, ideas, and advice are available.  Visit with an expert in how to best help.  Call now, (920) 884-3030 and schedule a meeting to investigate the alternatives.

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