Family-Provided Care Can Work–Sometimes

Family-Provided Care Can Work--Sometimes

Family-Provided Care Can Work–Sometimes

The September, 2021 issue of the journal Health Affairs features a study that family-provided care (spouse or adult children) for dementia greatly diminishes the chances that the individual will need to enter a nursing home. However, full time caregiving will burn out the support team. Family simply cannot be expected to provide 24-7 care without help.

That is why I offer several home care policies that will pay for caregivers to come into the home to provide that care, while giving family members some relief. These home care policies are much less expensive and far more easily obtained – despite health problems already on record – than traditional long term care insurance policies.  However, they must still be obtained before the care becomes necessary.

You can easily burn out your loved ones with family Family-Provided Care

Don’t burn out your family or other loved ones by becoming a total burden on them.  They will surely help, but give them a break and provide a helping hand.  Investigate now, while this help is available.

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