How to Pave a Smooth Path for Marriage in Your Golden Years

We have LTC Tips to Help Plan for Senior Marriage in Your Golden Years

This article is posted with the permission of the author, Lydia Chan.

After her mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, Ms. Chan struggled to balance the responsibilities of caregiving and her own life. She founded as an online resource for fellow caregivers and seniors. In her spare time, Lydia writes articles about a range of caregiving topics.

There is one additional point that I would add to this article: if one person in the new marriage needs care, the other spouse’s assets must go to pay for that care.  Many people do not realize that a prenuptial agreement does not protect either partner in the event that one of them might need Medicaid to pay for their care. Medicaid does not recognize prenuptual agreements when determining whether the individual qualifies for care.


It’s not always easy to find love in your golden years, but it can be rewarding when you do. If you have a special someone in your life and are planning to tie the knot, the two of you have some conversations and decisions ahead of you.

If you have been married before, you understand what a big step it can be to join families, finances, and other things. No, you shouldn’t let potential problems and challenges prevent you from marrying your sweetheart, but you should plan carefully and communicate with your soon-to-be spouse to ensure you stay on the same page. Here are some practical tips to help you prepare for marriage as a senior!

Discussing Insurance and Long-Term Care

Another topic to discuss with your soon-to-be-spouse is health, life, and long-term insurance policies, all of which will be crucial through your golden years. If the two of you do not already have policies established, you will need to determine how to set these things up. Whatever your needs, visit The Long Term Care Guy to learn strategies that can help you navigate long-term care.

Combining Finances

First, consider the implications of combining your finances. While it’s a practical way to demonstrate trust in your relationship, it can also cause problems if you and your spouse are not in agreement. You likely come to the marriage with your own philosophies and spending habits, meaning you must talk through any differences to ensure a smooth translation.

Making Plans Together and Starting Your Own Business

One aspect of any healthy marriage is that the couple can dream together, and that doesn’t change when you are older. Perhaps you want to travel the country or the world together. Maybe one or both of you would like to see your grandchildren more often. Perhaps you could find a hobby both of you would enjoy doing each week. And it could even help to talk about what you would like your daily lives to look like together.

One idea is to start a company together. Along with giving you the opportunity to spend more time around each other, starting a business in your golden years could help you to increase your income and build your wealth. Of course, at least one of you will need an entrepreneurial drive for it to work because it requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and perseverance.

If you choose to start a business with your significant other, you will need to learn how to set up a new company and market your product or service well so that people know about it. Carefully formulate a marketing and sales plan while also choosing a business name and structure, determining whether you need funding, and registering your business.

Determining Where to Live

Even if both you and your significant other already own homes, you will need to have a discussion about where you will live once you wed. Communicate openly from the beginning to determine whether you want to move into one of your homes or purchase a new one together.

Property preferences, family situations, jobs, and many other factors can influence your decision. Many older couples find inspiration from searching for and buying a new home together because it is a way to mark new beginnings.

If you are blessed enough to find love as a senior, getting married could naturally be the next step. But you will need to carefully plan and communicate with your new spouse as you make important decisions in the days and months ahead. The key is to stay on the same page so that you can set the stage for a loving and fulfilling marriage for both of you.

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