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Romeo Raabe
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Romeo Raabe - The Long Term Care Guy

Romeo Raabe


Romeo works to assist people in finding ways to finance their long term care. Strategies include traditional Long Term Care Insurance, or if you do not qualify for such coverage, alternative ways to pay for the costs of long term care – before or after the need occurs.

Since 1988, he has been helping people finance long term care. He is on numerous boards in Northeastern Wisconsin and has strategies to help people planning in advance while still healthy, strategies for those not healthy enough to qualify for LTC insurance, and even strategies for those already in care or a facility to make their money last longer or protecting some of their funds. He partners with financial planners and attorneys all over Wisconsin, helping their clients investigate how to deal with Long Term Care.

Strategies include using traditional Long Term Care Insurance, or if you do not qualify for such insurance, there are alternative ways to pay for the costs of long term care – before or after the need occurs. Since 1988, he has been helping people finance long term care.

Romeo writes the Long Term Care Partnership Certification classes, required of insurance agents to sell these types of products. He wriotes and teaches these courses for a number of states. In addition, Romeo teaches courses for Kaplan Financial, NAIFA (National Association Insurance and Financial Advisors) both locally and at the state level, the FPA (Financial Planning Association), and the American College in Bryn Mawr, PA.

He has also developed classes for Learning in Retirement at UWGB and NWTC in Northeast WI. These classes cover topics on long term care strategies, travel using the internet and how to use ebay (geared to older adults).

Romeo travels to numerous state and national conventions as a speaker on the topic of financing Long-Term Care and how to use Long Term Care insurance appropriately. He is trainer for one of the largest "wholesalers" of Long-Term Care insurance products in the Midwest. In this capacity he travels and trains agencies on how to implement Long-Term Care Insurance products in their client planning strategies.

Elected officials at the State and Federal level, consult Mr. Raabe for suggestions on Medicaid issues as well as how to can encourage people to pay for their own costs of care. This arises out of the concern that the Medicaid program is severely under funded and was intended to help the poorest of the poor attain long term care services. Romeo has also been instrumental in creating awareness at the state level as to the need to promote the Long Term Care Partnership Act and the benefits of a client having even a small long term care policy.

He writes articles for a number of industry publications and has had several articles about him appear in Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine.

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Kathy Lichter - Recruiter for Irrevocable Funeral Trusts

Kathy Lichter

MS LTCP, Partner & Trainer
Recruiter for Irrevocable Funeral Trusts

Kathy educates and trains insurance agents, financial planners, and banks on how to protect money from the cost of long term care when paying for it or when long term care insurance is not practical. She shows them how to use Irrevocable Funeral Trusts to protect some funds from the Nursing Home, creditors, and Medicaid.

Irrevocable Funeral Trusts pay the Funeral Home immediately, eliminating the hassle of the family having to find the money for the down payment, AND no Death Certificate is needed to start the claim process.

These Trusts are Medicaid exempt, unlike life insurance that must be cashed in before Medicaid eligibility. Usually a person is allowed to keep $1,500 of their life insurance. With an Irrevocable Funeral Trust up to $15,000 can be protected in Wisconsin.

With an understanding of Wisconsin Medicaid rules, as they apply to Irrevocable Funeral Trusts and Medicaid spend down, she supports agents by designing and providing educational, marketing and seminar materials on how to start the talk about funding a Funeral Trust, and why the Trusts are important.

She is dedicated to helping women, as they are especially vulnerable to the cost of Long Term Care and can quickly slide into poverty.

Prior to bringing her expertise to partner with Romeo, Kathy accumlated over 20 years in the Financial Industry, working with long term care products, explaining information to clients, managing financial representatives practices and staff, over saw compliance activites, and transitioned agents to new offices.

Kathy holds a Masters of Science degree in Business and Training and Development; a B.A. in Communications and Business.  She is also a Notary Public.

She has written and revised curriculum for business and marketing courses at local colleges, as well as having trained for a national consulting firm in communication skills.  Kathy has international training and speaking experience; trained agents and wrote training materials for fourteen Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Insurance plans, as well as curriculum and training procedures for a start up on-line travel company - now a nationally known "blind" bid provider.

Kathy is passionate about ensuring agents understand the need for using Irrevocable Funeral Trusts, as well as other long term care financing strategies. She provides semianrs on "The Journey of Long Term Care",  designed to start the conversation with clients: to create awareness about the need to plan for the journey we will all face as we get older. Kathy wrote a one-credit Continuing Education class for the Insurance Industry on "Using Funeral Trusts in Financial Planning" which is available to agents and financial planners.

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Approximately 1 ½ years ago, you had called regarding my mother’s insurance (Phyllis). I told you that we had put her in a nursing home and sold her condo. I was referred to Romeo, The Long Term Care Guy to help with proceeds of the sale of her condo.

Romeo was able to put all of the proceeds in burial trusts for my mother and all of her kids. I was little skeptical at first – wondering if the state was going to come back at me for the money, but he assured us that he had an attorney that would fight it if that happened.

Well it worked! I filed with the state after the sale and they never questioned it. She didn’t have a lot but it was something that in a way she was able to give back to her kids.

It was a difficult, very confusing time and I had no idea where to go – thank you so much for caring enough to make the suggestion! I’ve been wanting to let you know the outcome for a long time and recently saw your advertisement in the Howard Suamico newspaper and it minded me to do so.

Thanks again!


I have been in the insurance industry for 36 years helping my clients with their insurance needs. But if they are in need of Senior planning such as Long Term Care Insurance, Funeral Trusts or other Seniors planning strategies I call Romeo because of his vast knowledge and expertise in this area.

He is a great resource and will present additional ideas that help my client and also earn me additional commissions!!!

Larry Goebel
GOEBEL Insurance & Financial
Fond du Lac WI

Romeo has been helping our clientele for over 30 years. He is professional, energetic and very knowledgeable, not only with Long Term Care but with burial trusts to help save family monies. My last client sold her condo and all that money would have gone to the nursing home if it wasn’t for Romeo setting up family burial trusts. I will always highly recommend Romeo Raabe.

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G.H. Lenz and Associates
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