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Two more Wisconsin nursing homes closing, both citing Medicaid reimbursement problems

Apr 9, 2018

From McKnight’s Long-Term Care News You’ve heard me say it before, if your plan is Medicaid to pay for your long term care (LTC), chance are good you will find no room at the inn with no alternatives except moving in with your children whether they can provide the care needed or not! In the…

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LTC Insurance for People Who Were Told They Cannot Get it

Apr 4, 2018

If you went to your car insurance agent or your life insurance agent, and tried to get LTC insurance and were turned down, it does not mean you can’t get it.  It simply means your agent did not have the tools available to find you coverage. If you were declined due to some medical reason,…

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Huge Shortage of Long Term Care Workers Getting Worse

Apr 3, 2018

From Kaiser Health News 3-26-2018 “Nationwide, 1 million immigrants work in direct care — as CNAs, personal care attendants or home health aides — according to the Paraprofessional Healthcare Institute, a New York-based organization that studies the workforce. Immigrants make up 1 in 4 workers, said Robert Espinoza, PHI’s vice president of policy. Turnover is…

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The Price Caregivers Pay

Mar 27, 2018

When couples weigh the price of whether one of them should take a career break to care for an aging parent or another family member, they usually make a pretty simple price calculation: they compare the earning power against the cost of a professional caregiver.  There are a number of other costs to take into…

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Will You be Among the Many Not Welcome at Assisted Living Facilities?

Mar 27, 2018

So why would you or your loved ones be Not Welcome at Assisted Living Facilities? It’s not personal about you or your looks, it’s your ability to pay for the care they provide.  Most Americans cannot afford to pay $5000 a month for hands on care or $8000 a month for dementia care (dementia care…

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Planning Smart for Your Clients’ Senior Caregiving Duties

Mar 6, 2018

“Planning Smart for Your Clients’ Senior Caregiving Duties,” by Brian O’Connell, InsuranceNewsNet Quote: “Investment advisors who really want to help clients maintain a healthy cash flow plan need to address a burgeoning issue – the financial burden of caregiving for seniors. ‘While some may make a living caring for others, millions of caregivers nationwide provide…

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When Someone You Know Needs Help and Care

Mar 5, 2018

It happens to many of us as we age, there comes a time when we need help with day to day living activities.  Often it is help with shopping or tasks around the house. Hopefully our children live nearby and have the time to come help out.  But what if the help needed conflicts with…

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A Different Need for Long Term Care Insurance

Feb 13, 2018

People used to purchase this insurance to prevent them from spending all their hard earned nest egg paying for Long Term Care (LTC).  That is still a reason but there is a much more urgent reason to have this insurance when it comes to Medicaid. When your assets have all been drained paying for care,…

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LTC Insurance Only Does 2 Things (OK, Maybe 3)

Jan 16, 2018

Long Term Care (LTC) Insurance can’t prevent the need for care, but it’s a big help dealing with it! The first thing Long Term Care Insurance does is prevent you from going broke.  LTC is very expensive.  A nursing home is well over $100,000 a year.  Forget the Money Magazine charts and surveys of “median”…

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