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Government Funding Cutbacks

Wisconsin Faces Critical Shortage of Care Workers for Disabled & Elderly

Wisconsin Faces Critical Shortage of Care Workers for Disabled & Elderly!

MADISON – Jessica Nell relies on a stranger to help her get in and out of bed every day.  If no one shows up to help her, the 29-year-old Green Bay resident is left immobile — potentially for hours.  Nell, who has cerebral palsy and uses a motorized wheelchair, is one of thousands of Wisconsin residents who need personal care and home care workers to perform daily tasks they can’t do on their own. … Read more...

Coming Political Changes Affecting Long Term Care

Coming Political Changes Affecting Long Term Care

Yes changes are coming.  The federal government is very interested in moving programs back to states to handle and Medicaid is one of those.

The way this most likely would happen is to “block grant” Medicaid to the states.  Give each state a fixed sum of money each year for Medicaid and let each state set their plans and rules themselves.… Read more...

LTC Insurance is Too Expensive!

Lately I have seen clients shown proposals to purchase Long-Term Care insurance with premiums exceeding $10,000 a year for a couple.  This is ridiculously expensive for most couples in their fifties, and is probably because the insurance amounts are way too large to be appropriate.… Read more...

Where’s The Disconnect

This post, in it’s entirety, is reprinted from a chapter in the book “Surviving Alzheimer’s with Friends, Facebook, and a Really Big Glass of Wine”, written by my very good friend Honey Leveen, a first rate Long-Term Care insurance agent in Houston, TX

“Where’s the Disconnect?” by Honey Leveen, The Queen, by Self-Proclamation, of Long-Term Care Insurance

Insurance disclaimer: The following is based on the author’s personal experiences and opinions.Read more...

Do You Have A Gap In Your Plan?

Hopefully you have planned and saved to have an income you can live on in retirement.  You planned to use Medicare and either a traditional supplement or a Medicare replacement plan (advantage)  to cover health care costs.  Hopefully your other available income can be used for basic living expenses, travel, and some fun.… Read more...

Inflation and Long Term Care

I am continuously appalled to find insurance agents offering Long Term Care  (LTC) insurance products that contain no 5% automatic, built in inflation on the amount the policy will pay when care is needed.  LTC insurance is purchased while still healthy enough to obtain it, and may not be used for 30 or more years.… Read more...

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