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Long Term Care Costs

Who is Going to Pay for Your Funeral?

Who is Going to Pay for Your Funeral?

Asking who is going to pay for your funeral might seem like a silly question–you probably have money in savings, a vehicle, a house, even life insurance.  There should be plenty of money to pay this bill, right?

The problem is, you are gone, so now who has access to your assets?


How Care for Elders, Not Children, Denies Women a Paycheck

A Quarter of Women 45 to 64 Years Old are Caring for an Older Relative

Why did women’s rush into the work force stop? Policymakers have been vexed by the question for years. Social scientists have discussed the sudden stop for over a decade, in conferences and academic papers. Almost 12 years ago, I gave the topic a shot in the pages of The Times: why, after a five-decade rise, did the labor-force participation of women in the prime working years stall around the turn of the century?… Read more...

Long-Term Care’s Terrible Cost to Families

Are You Assuming Medicaid Will Cover Your Long-Term Care?

Two recent articles (links below) describe the terrible cost to families when they provide care for a loved one, and even worse when it is dementia.

Currently, 40 million Americans are caregivers, and the cost is far more than money.  It involves loss of time with other family members, cancelled trips, lost promotions, time away from work, loss of job, loss of sleep, loss of keeping up with a career, and yes, loss of money as well.… Read more...

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