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Long Term Care Insurance

Who is Going to Pay for Your Funeral?

Who is Going to Pay for Your Funeral?

Asking who is going to pay for your funeral might seem like a silly question–you probably have money in savings, a vehicle, a house, even life insurance.  There should be plenty of money to pay this bill, right?

The problem is, you are gone, so now who has access to your assets?


You Too Can Be a Hero

You Too Can Be a Hero with Long Term Care Insurance

You can be a hero because you’ve got a “guy”!

At some point in your life, you will know of a friend or loved one who will need care in their later years.  Unless they are wealthy or have LTC insurance, they will rapidly spend down to impoverishment and end up on a program called Medicaid which will pay for long term care once your wealth is all gone. … Read more...

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