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Happy Holidays – How is Grandma?

Happy Holidays! How is Grandma?

While your family was together at Thanksgiving, was there evidence that older family members are not taking care of themselves as well as they could be or used to?

Perhaps your loved one is not driving as much as before, or perhaps should not be driving at all.… Read more...

When Should I Buy LTC Insurance?

A recent article on Fox News, featuring a financial expert who shall remain nameless, stated that since there is only a 1% chance of needing Long Term Care until after 60, don’t spend a dime on it until then.  Perhaps he is not aware of the statistic that 40% of Americans currently receiving LTC services are between 18 and 64.… Read more...

450 Billion Reasons to Help Consumers

An article in Forbes Magazine recently quoted a study performed by AARP that approximately 42.1 million unpaid caregivers are helping family members with their “limitation in daily activities.” “Caregivers can be children, spouses, siblings or even close friends, but the ‘average’ caregiver is a 49-year-old woman who spends nearly 20 hours per week caring for her mother, a task that continues for nearly five years.
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