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Medicaid Planning

Who is Going to Pay for Your Funeral?

Who is Going to Pay for Your Funeral?

Asking who is going to pay for your funeral might seem like a silly question–you probably have money in savings, a vehicle, a house, even life insurance.  There should be plenty of money to pay this bill, right?

The problem is, you are gone, so now who has access to your assets?


Do You Have A Gap In Your Plan?

Hopefully you have planned and saved to have an income you can live on in retirement.  You planned to use Medicare and either a traditional supplement or a Medicare replacement plan (advantage)  to cover health care costs.  Hopefully your other available income can be used for basic living expenses, travel, and some fun.… Read more...

“Mind Your Own Business”

“Mind your own business”. How often we have said that to our children or other heirs. That statement does not help those trying to help you when you can no longer handle your affairs on your own.

It is very important that you make the caregivers, or power of attorney aware of what resources you might have.… Read more...

How Your Home Can Help You Pay For Long-Term Care

Yes, it is possible for your home to help pay for your Long-Term Care (LTC) and possibly help keep you in your home longer.  For many seniors, the home equity is their largest asset.  Using that asset to help keep you at home versus in a LTC facility can make sense. … Read more...

Hiring Help For Mom

Reprinted from the Washington Post Carolyn Hax column

On Abruptly Facing An Elderly Relative’s Need For Care

I sometimes supplement my income by senior-sitting those in need of temporary help.  Recently, a family offered me a position to live 24/7 in their mother’s home as her aide, caregiver, housekeeper, cook, laundress, hairdresser, chauffeur, med-tech, and personal care provider. … Read more...

LTC Planning, No Matter The Situation

If Long Term Care (LTC) is needed, but not planned for, there are a number of options to make the money last longer or protect some of it.  The best and least expensive way to handle this would have been to purchase LTC insurance while still healthy, preferably in your 40’s or 50’s.… Read more...

How To Care For Two Parents at Once Without Going Broke

“The biggest challenge of all is holding onto your patience.”

Reprinted from Money Magazine

For years, Madeleine Smithberg has been at the forefront of American comedy as co-creator of “The Daily Show” and a talent coordinator for “Late Show with David Letterman.”

That sense of humor was especially handy during the last few years.… Read more...

Private Industry Has Solutions For Funding Care At Home That ADRC’s Do Not

I attended a dementia hearing recently.  Eight Wisconsin legislators were listening to ideas and problems in dealing with dementia in Wisconsin.  Many of those testifying spoke of how people will not accept home care because they think they cannot afford it.… Read more...

Adult Day Care is Great Respite For Caregivers, But They Are Closing Up

Adult day care is a wonderful break for family caregivers.  Family can take their loved one to a day care program where care is provided 5 days a week typically, and get a “day off” from caregiving duties.

Caregiving wears people out physically, emotionally, spiritually.  …

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