What Can I Do About Long Term Care?

Long term care is very expensive!

Long term care is very expensive. Few people are prepared for the cost when they determine they need care.  Fortunately, there are ways to deal with the bills even if you do not have much money.

Medicaid requires beneficiaries to spend all savings and other assets down to impoverishment before they will pay for care.… Read more...

Happy Holidays – How is Grandma?

Happy Holidays! How is Grandma?

While your family was together at Thanksgiving, was there evidence that older family members are not taking care of themselves as well as they could be or used to?

Perhaps your loved one is not driving as much as before, or perhaps should not be driving at all.… Read more...

What’s it Really Like Paying for Long-Term Care

What’s it Really Like Paying for Long-Term Care?

As written by Michelle Singletary and published in the Washington Post on November 26, 2018

One of my favorite Spock quotes from the Star Trek television series is, “Live long and prosper.” Who doesn’t want a long life, right?

But what if the longevity means spending down your money for long-term care?… Read more...

Who is Going to Pay for Your Funeral?

Who is Going to Pay for Your Funeral?

Asking who is going to pay for your funeral might seem like a silly question–you probably have money in savings, a vehicle, a house, even life insurance.  There should be plenty of money to pay this bill, right?

The problem is, you are gone, so now who has access to your assets?


Observations from a Recent Hospital Stay

Why are CNAs moving from (LTC) Long-Term Care Facilities to Hospitals?

Recently, I was an inpatient in a hospital after having surgery.  While there, I visited with a number of nurses and CNAs (certified nursing assistants) while they were caring for me.   Nearly every one of the CNAs had started their careers in a long-term care (LTC) facility.… Read more...

What is wrong with Medicaid?

What is wrong with Medicaid

Why is Medicaid a terrible thing if you need long-term care?

Long-term care used to be a simple thing.  We got older and needed some help, our children took care of us.  Remember Ozzie and Harriet?  She had the time and the space to have parents move in. … Read more...

Who Will Accept You For Care When You Need It?

Who Will Accept You For Care When You Need It?

Westchester Plaza, the largest assisted living facility in Texas that will accept Medicaid residents is closing their doors.  The problem is that Medicaid pays less than the cost to care for you.  If too many of the residents end up on Medicaid, they cannot afford to keep the doors open.… Read more...