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Why Medicaid Long Term Care is a Bad Choice

What Can I Do About Long Term Care

Many people don’t realize that, in addition to traditional health care, Medicaid actually pays for most long-term care (LTC) in the United States.  In fact, less than 40% of Medicaid dollars are used to pay for traditional health care.  The small portion of Medicaid recipients (just over 20%) whose long-term care services are paid for by Medicaid use over 60% of the Medicaid budget dollars.… Read more...

Do You Have A Gap In Your Plan?

Hopefully you have planned and saved to have an income you can live on in retirement.  You planned to use Medicare and either a traditional supplement or a Medicare replacement plan (advantage)  to cover health care costs.  Hopefully your other available income can be used for basic living expenses, travel, and some fun.… Read more...

Inflation and Long Term Care

I am continuously appalled to find insurance agents offering Long Term Care  (LTC) insurance products that contain no 5% automatic, built in inflation on the amount the policy will pay when care is needed.  LTC insurance is purchased while still healthy enough to obtain it, and may not be used for 30 or more years.… Read more...

Seven Things To Know About LTC Insurance

1. You may not need as much of it as you think

There is usually no need to purchase enough of it to cover the cost of care in the locale where you may use it.  Bear in mind that most income such as Social Security continues until death, as do, pensions, interest income, etc.  … Read more...

Thanksgiving is Coming, How is Your Family Doing?

Thanksgiving comes around every year about this time.  Families get together, hopefully getting along.  Sometimes it is the one time a year everyone sees how the older members of the family are doing since last year.

For some families, it will be a difficult time when they realize that grandma or grandpa are not as sharp as they used to be.   … Read more...

What We Don’t Know About Long Term Care – Is A Lot

Americans over 40 — in other words, us — are dangerously unaware of our likely need for long-term care when we age and woefully ignorant about the costs, according to a new poll of adults in midlife and beyond.

The telephone survey of 1,019 boomers over age 40 was conducted by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research and financed by the non-profit SCAN Foundation, which supports research and other initiatives on aging and health care.Read more...

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