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Happy Holidays – How is Grandma?

Happy Holidays! How is Grandma?

While your family was together at Thanksgiving, was there evidence that older family members are not taking care of themselves as well as they could be or used to?

Perhaps your loved one is not driving as much as before, or perhaps should not be driving at all.… Read more...

How Your Home Can Help You Pay For Long-Term Care

Yes, it is possible for your home to help pay for your Long-Term Care (LTC) and possibly help keep you in your home longer.  For many seniors, the home equity is their largest asset.  Using that asset to help keep you at home versus in a LTC facility can make sense. … Read more...

Long Term Care In The News

Yesterday’s Wall Street Journal had some interesting statistics on labor growth predicted for the next decade.  The article stated that 95% of new jobs would be in the service sector.

Previous articles have noted that the fastest growing service profession is caregiving. … Read more...

How To Care For Two Parents at Once Without Going Broke

“The biggest challenge of all is holding onto your patience.”

Reprinted from Money Magazine

For years, Madeleine Smithberg has been at the forefront of American comedy as co-creator of “The Daily Show” and a talent coordinator for “Late Show with David Letterman.”

That sense of humor was especially handy during the last few years.… Read more...

Private Industry Has Solutions For Funding Care At Home That ADRC’s Do Not

I attended a dementia hearing recently.  Eight Wisconsin legislators were listening to ideas and problems in dealing with dementia in Wisconsin.  Many of those testifying spoke of how people will not accept home care because they think they cannot afford it.… Read more...

Do You Know Someone Who May Soon Need Help Managing On Their Own?

We all dread the time when we may need some assistance due to not being able to manage on our own anymore.  It happens to others, but surely, not us.  We are never prepared when a loved one needs help, and then we find out how expensive such care is.  … Read more...

New Study Details Financial Costs of Caregiving

Numerous studies have underscored the physical and psychological strain of taking care
of an aging, ailing loved one. However, a recent study by Genworth quantifies
the monetary loss that caregiving entails without the benefit of Long Term Care insurance.  The new report, titled “Beyond Dollars: A Way Forward” calculated that, on average, families would be able to save nearly $11,000 yearly in out-of-pocket expenses if long term care arrangements were made prior to the loved one actually needing long term care. … Read more...

You Need LTC, But Did Not Buy Insurance – What Can Be Done?

You thought (hoped, actually)  that you would never need Long Term Care.  If it did happen you figured perhaps your family would take care of you.  Neither of those thoughts panned out and now you are facing a very expensive long term bill. … Read more...

Are You Concerned About How You Will Pay For Long Term Nursing Care?

You’ve read that nursing homes can cost up to $8500 a month, assisted living half of that, and home care anywhere from very little to more than the nursing home.  Your first thought might be there is no way I can afford such care. … Read more...

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