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Affluent Boomers Consider Long-Term Care Top Risk to Well-Being in Retirement

Yet only 3 in 10 have made a plan to address this issue.  Why would people worry about a problem many of them will face (70% per HHS), but take no action to mitigate it?  I’ve concluded the reason is that they think the insurance to pay for LTC is too expensive.… Read more...

We Simply Cannot Believe We Are Getting Older – A Conversation Overheard

A few days ago, I overheard a woman who looked as if she were in her 50s talking on the subway to another woman who looked to be in her 50s.

One told the other, “My mother is coming to New York.… Read more...

Do You Know Someone Who May Soon Need Help Managing On Their Own?

We all dread the time when we may need some assistance due to not being able to manage on our own anymore.  It happens to others, but surely, not us.  We are never prepared when a loved one needs help, and then we find out how expensive such care is.  … Read more...

Medicaid Enrollments Surge

With the Affordable Care Act now signing up health insurance customers online (in theory), statistics are emerging.  For every one person getting healthcare from an insurance company, four more people are enrolling in Medicaid.

The government has only so much money to go around. … Read more...

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